Comprehensive, individualized, and compassionate psychological services for adults aged 17 and over, including …

  • Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy
  • Hakomi (body-centered) psychotherapy
  • neurofeedback
  • individual, couples, family, and group formats
  • education

Main Office

2831 Fort Missoula Road, Suite 201
Missoula, MT 59804
Ph. (406) 728-8818


Been struggling with anxiety, depression, feeling stuck in school or a relationship, seeking growth and to regain that old liveliness of spirit?  I believe that there are very clear reasons for the psychological and medical symptoms we show when things are out of whack.  These symptoms, “signatures” of problems in our body, mind, and behaviors, clearly define the nature of our struggles and should direct our solutions.  Every person who graces my office is  competent and strong in many areas but may be unhappy in others.  My patients and I collaborate to share and apply effective tools to examine and undo the internal emotional “knots” that have got us stuck and functioning in a less-than-optimal way.  We free up the energy lost to anxiety and mental barriers, in the process becoming ever more skillfully mindful of the information our emotions have to offer us:  keys to our kingdom!